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I Want To Sell Prints!?

This is actually a low-quality print. I'm going to hand one (or both) of these off at work (school). My students actually give me art on a regular basis and the other day, a negro came in with a WHOLE ENTIRE CANVAS PAINTING. I said to myself, "self, they really must like Mr. E...." because most folks use printer or notebook paper as their medium, not that I give those works any less love.

At any rate, this is a 72 DPI image out of Adobe Fresco. I never set it to 300 DPI or higher because at the time, I was just playing around with app, specifically to test the Live Brushes. I don't even know if I can set it to '300', honestly. There are artifacts and pixels around the edges of the blue and overall, it could all be a bit sharper but I will fix all that for the actual prints of this when I start framing and selling.


People always ask me who she is? She's nobody. But the hair comes from a hairstyle I saw at an elementary school I taught at before my current one. The little girl's name was "Yanaiyah" so I named the piece after her. (this is not her face)

I actually get emotional every time I look at it. "Yanaiyah" was a student in a kindergarten class I covered for a week while their actual teacher was out. Everyday, after recess, her and her classmates would come back in and gift me buttercup flowers. Some days, it was entirely too, too many flowers...if there ever was such a thing. I was low-key irritated because often, there were these little tiny bugs in tow with the flowers and they'd started crawling all over the desk (and me) but they were kindergartners- what can you do?

On the last day of that assignment, I had

mentioned to them this was my last day and that I wouldn't be here Monday and their teacher would be back. The room fell silent and Yanaiyah laments in the saddest, little person voice ever, "but...we had happy days..."

On my Ancestors, a negro almost lost it!

I dropped them off at specials a short time later, came back to the room and I definitely dropped a few tears in my lunch.

They brought me flowers again after recess and I decided we would make pressed flowers.

Real tears, even now.😥

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