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Ruminations of A Hermit Creative

It didn't start out this way; I used to be far, far more social as a Creative than I am now.

This pulling away from other people, this anti-social aesthetic, this now seemingly solitary life as a Creative did not all come together in single day nor is it the result of one seemingly pivotal or impactful event.

There was a convergence of factors. Some are more painful to reminisce on than others. But I think I have been able to find this small measure of peace I lacked when I was more open to being social. I think of myself as 'Journeyman Artist' in the present. I enjoy studying and discovering new ways of both creating and experiencing art. Much of my work now is hinged on incorporating what I learn along the way and creating my own unique audio and visual experiences.

Creating, as I have also learned, is integral to managing my mental health.

- A Bipolar Compser | B.C. Design & Creative

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